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Blogs from Travelmates

Please find below some related Blogs from travelmates we met during our trip.

Rachel & Andrew

We met this NZ couple in Cappadocia / Turkey and had a great time with them, staying a couple of days at Kaya Camping in Goereme.
R&A had been travelling around the world with their bycicles for 2,5 years. Currently they are back in NZ, but we think they will not settle down yet. Andrew wants to become the world's most famous tent designer and still needs to get more inspration while travelling other parts of the world.

Megan & Rich

We met this US - UK couple in Cappadocia / Turkey and had a great time with them, staying a couple of days at Kaya Camping in Goereme.
M & R are backpacking around the world after they lost thier home near San Diego / California / USA due to a bushfire.
We met them again in Luang Prabang / Laos.

Tracey & James

We met this Scotish - UK couple in Cappadocia / Turkey and had a great time with them, staying a couple of days at Kaya Camping in Goereme.
We met them again and spent New Years Eve together in Jodhpur / Rajasthan / India.
T & J are cycling around the world for a couple of years. So far on a similar route as we are on our motorbikes.

Anita & Mark

We met this Swiss couple first in Yazd / Iran and then once more in Chennai / India.
A & M sold everything back home and are currently travelling with their BMW 1200 GS motorbike around the world for a couple of years.


We met the Swiss guy Tom in Musandam / Oman. He started travelling with his BMW 1200 GS motorbike around the world but is currently managing a diving center in Musandam.
While staying in Musandam, we had been invited to stay with him at the staff house as well as joining him for some beers :-)

Amelia & Andrew

We met this OZ - UK couple in Chennai / India and spent a couple of days together in Chennai and Mamallapuram.
A & A bought a Toyota Landcruiser in GB and travelled through Africa. Working the last year in OZ, they are currently travelling via India and the Near East back to GB.


We met this UK guy in Cameron Highlands / Malaysia. Len is driving his BMW 650 GS PD from UK to OZ. He will be ahead of us and provide us with essential information about shipping to Indonesia, within the Indonesian Islands and to Australia. Len travelled in Central Asia with Bjoern.


We met Matthias on the road in Thailand. He started in May 2008 riding his Honda Transalp via Russia and Central Asia to Japan. From Japan he shipped to Singapore and is travelling since a couple of months in SO Asia. By now, he would like to ship from KL to OZ.


Bjoern is riding his BMW F 650 GS PD from London to Sydney and travelled with Len in Central Asia.
We met him in Luang Prabang / Laos and travelled together in Southern Laos, Cambodia, southern Thailand as far down to Georgetown in Malaysia. Maybe we will meet agein for travelling the indonesian islands to OZ.

Anja & Holger

We met this German couple in Vientiane / Laos as well as in Siem Reap. We visited together the temple ruins of Anchor and rode to BKK. We had some good days together in BKK.
A&H are riding their 2 BMW F650 GS PD since July 2007 around the world for several years. They are off for Nothern America from BKK.


We met Paul in Bangkok. Paul helped J&A to find accomoodation in BKK.


We met Rob in Southern Laos. This UK fellow is riding a Honda Transalp from Melbourne to London. We met Rob again in BKK where he was aranging his transfer to Kathmandu.


We met Sascha in BKK where he stayed in the same guest house than we did.


We met Oliver in BKK. Oli is riding a Honda Transalp and had been travelling with Graham in India.


We met Graham in BKK. Graham is riding a BMW R 100 GS and had been travelling with Oli in India.

Enduro-Esther & Fast-Guido

We met Esther and Guido in BKK.
Auf der Webseite unten hat es einen Link zu Guidos Blog.

Jo-Anne & Gary

This South African couple is travelling with theit 2 kids in a Toyota Land Cruiser from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Horn. We met them in Anchor. They knew about us already, as they stayed with AL & Hubert in Malaysia on the beach.


We met Frederik in Pakse / Laos and again in Melaka / Malaysia. Frederik is on a world tour with his BMW R 100 GS.

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This UK fellow rode his BMW F 650 GS Dakar from London to Sydney and had been travelling with Bjoern for a while.


This French-Malay fellow rides his BMW F 650 GS Dakar from France to OZ. Sheen travelled with Bjoern for some days in Malaysia and southern Thailand.

Akis & Vula Netu

2 Greek travelling around the world in a Land Rover.


Australian, driving his Honda XRV Africa Twin around the world.

Renate & Tobias

This German couple drove their motorbikes Honda Transalp from Hamburg / Germany to Sydney / Australia

Izabela & Kamil

Polish couple travelling with their Africa Twins from Singapore to Poland. They joined Bjoern for some days in Central Asia.

Rebecca & Nick

British couple riding their BMW R 1150 GS from Sussex to Singapore.


Motorbike journey from Germany to Australia with an Africa Twin.

Antonia & Jo

Two girls travelling with a Tuktuk from Bangkok to England. Great idea!

Maartje & Nick

Dutch couple travelling the world.


6 years of motorbike world trip.


Motorbike world trip with a Yamaha XT 600.

Tanja & Christian

Motorbike travel treports.


Motorbike world trip with a BMW R 100 GS.

Su & Peter

Motorbike world trip.

Ewan McGregor

We would like to have Ewans travel budget. But then we would miss all the adventures we experience because of our small travel budget. So we prefer staying in crappy lodges and in our tents instead of parking our daily maintained bike in front of the best hotel in town and relaxing in the spa and sauna before going to the bar and having a beer with the rest of the crew.





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